A New Tech Goal! 04/05/2013

I’m new to edtech. I’m new to taking risks. I’m new to reaching outside of my classroom. I’m certainly new to blogging. But, I’ve been inspired to be relevant, and it has made all the difference for me …

Each week I try to make a new tech goal. One week it was to use the Edmodo calendar feature for all of my classes. Done. Another goal was to try Haiku Deck. Done.

Then, I decided to participate in a twitter chat. I wasn’t sure how to accomplish said goal… So, I asked for help from my twitter pals. A few minutes and characters later, I knew how to join the conversation. I had so much fun chatting that I wanted to start one for AP Stats teachers, #statschat. I didn’t know how to do that, so I asked a twitter colleague to partner with me in this venture. Thanks, @chuckcbaker. Tuesday, 9 pm EDT was the chosen day and time. On that first evening, I got my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro at the ready…Hoot Suite engaged and #statschat thread set up… I took the big risk and tweeted, “Welcome to #statschat. I’m Julie for MI” or something to that effect. I quickly tweeted some question about using activities to teach blah, blah, blah topic and I waited… I felt like Jan Brady waiting to see if anyone would come the party. To my relief, a few joined and I had such fun and learned so much. I was afraid @chuckcbaker and I were going to have to tweet it up ourselves. Thanks to you awesome teachers who have joined our little group. Thank you for teaching me so much and inspiring me to become a better AP Stats teacher.

Well, one can not co-host a professional twitter chat without an archive, right? A new week leads to a new goal: learn how to archive a chat. Thanks again to @chuckcbaker for the screencast tutorial and to storify.com for designing such easy to use tools.

Perhaps you may have already guessed this weeks tech goal. Yes, I am going to blog. Who will read it, care about it, learn from it, I do not know. I hope my blogging will lead to something useful for me or others. At the very least I am modeling life-long learning for my students and colleagues.

Create a blog. Done.


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