iBooks Author Text 04/18/2013

About a year ago I told everyone who would listen that I was going to create an AP Stats text using iBook Author (iBA). I was about 5 months into my love affair with edtech and learned that I had 80 students enrolled in my AP Stats classes next year. Well, I only had 50 books, and therefore, was in need of about 30 more or so. My text was ten years old and though very serviceable, it didn’t seem wise to purchase more ancient texts.

So, what is one to do? This one thought it would be cool to write her own ebook. Hah. I even proclaimed my intentions to a group at a local AP Conference at which I was a presenter. I told everyone there I was taking a leap of faith and was just going to do it. Hah.

The school year ended, and I needed a text for next year. I didn’t have enough texts for my students and made no provision to order more. The first Monday of vacation I got started. Fortunately my district was implementing a 1-1 iPad initiative in the fall and our district provided as-needed tech training all summer. Dave Bast, our tech integration specialist became my iBA tutor and helper. Thanks, DBast.

My initial foray into iBA was a bit rough as I was PC and iBA is Mac. There is a difference. I was not familiar with the editing and word processing features of pages and keynote. I learned quickly, though. iBA is a very intuitive application, but it does take a little bit of skill to negotiate the ins and outs of widgets and chapters and glossary and videos and …

I worked everyday this summer on my project save a week in NYC for a family vacation. Seven days a week, middle of sleepless night, during St. Louis Cardinal games, most spare moments were spent on the ebook. I had the best summer of my 23 year teaching career. I had so much fun creating screencasts, interactive glossary entries, interactive quizzes, and so many other cool iBA features. I’m not much of a beach goer or gardener.Image

I completed about two-thirds of the text over the summer and implemented the text immediately. I hoped my students would really enjoy using it. At the very least they would not have to lug around a heavy text in the backpacks. So, there was that!

How is it going…? Sounds like a great next blog post.



2 thoughts on “iBooks Author Text 04/18/2013

  1. I can barely compose a paragraph most of the time…and only then with about three typos. Reading your blog and knowing the impact you are having with your students is inspiring. Really. Which is always the case when you see “the talk” and “the walk” all come together. Keep it up, Julie!

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