Year of My Ebook

As my classes are feverishly preparing for the AP Exam, well at least I am feverishly trying to prepare my students for the exam, it is time to pause and reflect on the year. You see, I used a self-created ebook for my AP Stats classes using iBooks Author. But, was the ebook successful?

If I am to define successful by my test scores on the AP Exam, I will have to wait until July. Do I really have to use test scores to evaluate the success of my prized edtech project? It feels like test scores are the lowest common denominator for evaluation. Standardized test, oh how I’ve come to despise you. Ever feel like education has been held hostage by test scores?

Okay, here’s the rub: I’ve been really proud of Holland High’s AP Stats scores. The kids have done really well and HHS has been recognized nationally for our (all AP) scores. So, I can’t have it both ways. I can’t boast about HHS AP Stats scores for 10 years and turn my back this year because of using a self-created ebook. But, I’m afraid my scores won’t be as high as in the past. I don’t want the coolest thing I’ve ever done to dismissed over a standardized test score.

Is there another way to judge the success of this project? How about student engagement? Student response has been very positive, but that is just anecdotal evidence. As my classes have been reviewing I have noticed my students are very strong on some topics that have traditionally been a struggle. Unfortunately, I’ve also noticed weaknesses this year where there have not been in past years. Yeah, but I can fix that. iBook Author texts are easily edited, enhanced, updated, fixed, improved,…

What about teacher enthusiasm? Does that count? Can my renewed vigor, excitement, passion for teaching and learning, quest for new teaching techniques establish a successful project? I hope so. I have experienced all those things this year. I can’t wait for summer to begin working on PrBL, flipped class, foldables, iBA,…

Well, if my AP scores drop I’ve got my laundry list of confounding (AP Stats teachers rejoice) variables ready to go. Let’s hope I don’t have to use them.

Yeah, I know edtech buds, I’m still using textbook.



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