When Your Ebook Text Becomes Less Like a Text

Last summer I began writing an ebook interactive text for my AP Stats class. I wrote about it here and here. The ebook was pretty cool. It had embedded screencasts and self-check quizzes and interactive keynotes and personalized problems and review sections and a whole lot of TLC. But, it was still a textbook. Fairly traditional in its design: instruction and practice with support. Still pretty cool, mind you, but, a textbook none the less.

Well, what a difference two days can make. I have been attending an iBooks Author Hackathon led by Steve Dickey and Tony DiLaura this week. You see, I created an entire book using iBooks Author, so I thought I was pretty competent at the process. Wow, did I learn some really cool stuff to include in my ebook.

With the use of really awesome interactive widgets my ebook becomes less like a traditional text and more like a vehicle for student exploration. Thank you to the amazing teachers who have created pedagogically sound geogebra activities and shared them. Your willingness to share your creativity helps my students to discover the why and how and instead of me just telling them. What an amazing shift.

With geogebratube widgets my text becomes less telly and more doey. I like that, and I hope my students will as well. Sorry ELA colleagues for my less than professional writing today. I’m all giddy with widget excitement.

Julie @jkindred13


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