Getting Through the Review: 1-1 iPad Style #Made4Math

We are getting ready for full implementation of the CCSS at my high school. We have mapped the curriculum and decided which course owns which objective. You know the drill.

I am again teaching several sections of Algebra 2 this year, and it seems like we spend far too much time reviewing basic Algebra 1 concepts. I mean way too much time spent on concepts that we believe students should have mastered already. In fact we review so much we are unable to complete the prescribed Algebra 2 curriculum (including the statistics objectives). As a math department we decided to change that for this year. We came up with several Algebra I topics that we thought we should review, but wished to expedite the process this year.

I volunteered to make an iBooks Author ebook that reviews these objectives. Here is a picture of the cover.


The math department decided to review solving linear equations ( multi-step,with decimals, with fractions), solving absolute value equations, graphing lines, graphing absolute value equations, solving inequalities, linear inequalities, and solving systems. Whew!

The ebook includes tutorials and homework for each objective. I have made Showme screencasts and Keynotes utilizing magic move. I have included an example of each below:

Showme    and   Keynote

I envision a mix of full-class teaching with independent learning. Students may work at their own pace to review the necessary Algebra I topics, sort of  dipping a toe into standards based curriculum. Each objective would include a pre-quiz, instructional module, and post quiz. If a student achieves mastery on the post-quiz they may proceed to the next objective.

Now, what to do with the students that complete the review modules? Well, in a 1-1 iPad environment there are plenty of really cool creation apps that students may explore. Or, perhaps a linear programming project. Whatever the math department creates, I want it to be an authentic experience. Sounds like another #Made4Math post.

Julie @jkindred13


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