Day 19 (09/26/14)

Finally getting caught up with the 180 Blog. September and October are crazy busy for the Kindred household. Both of my sons play soccer, and my youngest son also runs cross country. Many meets and matches make mama make up blogs.

Stats & Data: Final work day for the infographic project, or not?!! Friday night I read an article from my Zite feed that presented the glogster iPad app for creating digital posters!!! Yikes, that is just what I was looking for one week ago. I checked it out, and it would work great for this project. This app allows my students to make their projects look like professional infographics. Now, do I have my students transfer their keynote to this really cool format? Hmmmm….

AP Stats: We are doing normal calculations the old fashioned method, using z-scores and the normal distribution table. I’m using @druinok’s INB ready examples. My students from Holland, MI are getting a chance to learn a bit about the Tulsa, OK zoo.



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