Day 20 (09/29/14)

I love it when something works out!!!

Stats & Data: So, the glogster iPad app was exactly what the infographic project needed. My students projecst really look a lot more like infographics!! We did a quick retro fit with the keynote projects and used glogster to finish them. All the kids had to do is screen shot their keynote slides and pop them in glogster. Some kids fancied them up a bit with different backgrounds and graphics that glogster has embedded in the app. Pretty cool. Had we started with glogster their projects would have been really, really cool. I will post a picture tomorrow. I want to ask permission of my students before I show off their projects.

Algebra 2: Okay, has anyone check out CCSS REI.C.5?  It works!!! Never, ever knew that. Not sure how to “prove” this to the satisfaction of the CCSS though.

AP Stats: Working normal distribution problems. We are at the point where some kids get mixed up whether they have a z-score or a proportion. Draw and shade, draw and shade my young ones.



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