A Servant’s Heart

I haven’t been blogging much the last few years. The demands of my teaching position and home life increased and something had to go. Blogging went. I miss it though. I miss the self-reflection, the classroom log, the three people that read it…

After a wonderful nine days in Kansas City spent reading AP Statistics exams and visiting with my @s (tweeps), I’ve decided to give regular blogging another go. So a new start and an updated name- jkindred13: Teaching with a Servant’s Heart.

My classroom environment has been under transformation the last 5 or so years. I’ve emphasized creating an safe and nurturing environment for both learning and teaching. Our students need to know they are in a safe and secure place where their individuality is valued, respected and honored. When our learners feel comfortable they are at the their peak for learning. I want students to know their opinions matter, and they should feel at ease to advocate for themselves and others. We also discuss a safe environment for teaching and what I need to feel comfortable to do my best. I hope to blog more extensively on what all of this means for my classroom.

So, what about the name change? Well, I’ve really come to understand teaching is about our learners and not about our individual needs, duh. Teaching is a service job. Service to first and foremost our students, but also service to our colleagues, district, and community. I have strived for service to others to be my focus and motivation. An assistant principal articulated this focus that I have had when he explained to me in an early meeting he hoped to be a servant leader. So, with a tip of a cap and a deep bow at the waist to AP Tung N., the name of my blog is now jkindred13: Teaching with a Servant’s Heart.

More to come this summer about creating a safe and nurturing classroom.




One thought on “A Servant’s Heart

  1. 4 Julie….you now have 4 readers 😉 It’s 1:00 am,I am reading your blog, learning, and reflecting on my use of kahoot! 🙂

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