DAy 22 (10/01/14)

AP Stats: Normal distribution relay today (thanks @druinok). My kids did great and worked hard the entire hour. Chocolate for the first two groups and kiddy candy for the rest of the finishers.


Stats & Data: More infographic presentations. Check this one out, wow!!



Day 21 (09/30/14)

Stats & Data: Infographic project presentations today. Great job, my students. This is the third year for these projects and these are the best yet! Here are a few pictures. The coffee infographic is in mid glogster picture blow 1 photo 2

AP Stats: a quick reading the standard normal table quiz today. Normal curve relay tomorrow. I hope I remember to buy the candy before school tomorrow.

Algebra 2: A little desmos for solving systems. I love desmos. I’ve been reading about the lego activity for introducing linear programming. Here is Bob Lochel’s take on this activity.



Day 20 (09/29/14)

I love it when something works out!!!

Stats & Data: So, the glogster iPad app was exactly what the infographic project needed. My students projecst really look a lot more like infographics!! We did a quick retro fit with the keynote projects and used glogster to finish them. All the kids had to do is screen shot their keynote slides and pop them in glogster. Some kids fancied them up a bit with different backgrounds and graphics that glogster has embedded in the app. Pretty cool. Had we started with glogster their projects would have been really, really cool. I will post a picture tomorrow. I want to ask permission of my students before I show off their projects.

Algebra 2: Okay, has anyone check out CCSS REI.C.5?  It works!!! Never, ever knew that. Not sure how to “prove” this to the satisfaction of the CCSS though.

AP Stats: Working normal distribution problems. We are at the point where some kids get mixed up whether they have a z-score or a proportion. Draw and shade, draw and shade my young ones.


Day 19 (09/26/14)

Finally getting caught up with the 180 Blog. September and October are crazy busy for the Kindred household. Both of my sons play soccer, and my youngest son also runs cross country. Many meets and matches make mama make up blogs.

Stats & Data: Final work day for the infographic project, or not?!! Friday night I read an article from my Zite feed that presented the glogster iPad app for creating digital posters!!! Yikes, that is just what I was looking for one week ago. I checked it out, and it would work great for this project. This app allows my students to make their projects look like professional infographics. Now, do I have my students transfer their keynote to this really cool format? Hmmmm….

AP Stats: We are doing normal calculations the old fashioned method, using z-scores and the normal distribution table. I’m using @druinok’s INB ready examples. My students from Holland, MI are getting a chance to learn a bit about the Tulsa, OK zoo.


Day 18 (09/25/14)

Algebra 2: Solving systems with linear elimination today. Quick review was all the kids needed and they were on their way. We did the second part of the solving systems foldable. I found this last year courtesy Kristen Fouss (@Fouss). I will attached. solving systems foldable Fouss

AP Stats: We are working z-scores and the standard normal table. We started normal distribution foldable attached below. Normal distr foldable

Stats & Data: Our students had to take Discovery Assessment College Readiness test today. This is the test our district uses to show growth for our teacher evaluations.


14-15 Goal #1: Revamp AP Statistics eBook

I blogged a few days previously about my goals and promised (myself, that is…) that I would blog about each in the coming days and weeks.

I’m a participant in a grassroots effort to produce open source ebooks called Some really cool, passionate, techy folks making books. I’ve been creating eBooks for about three years now, but I learned so much from @anthonydilaura and @falconphysics (Steve Dickey) this summer, that I was motivated to include my new learning in some books I’ve already created. I especially increased interactivity using the pop-over widget. Here are some pictures.

Pic 1

Before: Quiz, Geogebra Interactive, Popover

pic 2 interactive

Quiz question being answered and popover revealing information









This ebook also features interactive keynotes using magic move and videos that support instruction. I’m pleased with the updates, and I hope they increase student engagement.

Julie (@jkindred13)

2014-2015 School Year Focus (or things I’m trying this year!)

Even before the end of a school year we begin thinking about what to try for the year. Last year I was all about Interactive Notebooks (INBs), foldables, student engagement, and my Algebra 2 beginning of the year review iBook (read about it here and here). A pretty ambitious undertaking that included many ups and downs. I am planning on continuing and improving on all of last year’s goals.

So, what about this year’s plan? It really took me awhile this summer to find a clear focus. Combing educational blogs and twitter always leads to great ideas. Texting with my teacher idol, @druinok, is always inspiring. My other tweeps (or my @s) provide me with much support and ideas as well. Here is what I wish to incorporate in my classroom this year:

1. Update my AP Stats iBooks Author text. (including redoing all HW keys for accuracy).

AP Stats Text

2. Create a iBooks Author text for my Stats & Data course.

Stats & Data ebook

3. Revamp our Algebra 2 review process using an individualized online format.

4. Create a project list for AP Stats that students will choose from to complete during the semester.

5. Use checklists for my Stats & Data course. Please check out the blogs posts Life of Mrs. Riley and Restructuring Algebra.

6. Using data to form instruction more efficiently. We hired a young, new, passionate math teacher at my school this year (welcome @MathiasStout) that has a great deal of experience using data to form instruction. I plan on learning much from him this school year.

7. Formative Assessment, Formative Assessment, Formative Assessment. I read a cool article that gives many creative methods for incorporating formative assessment in our classrooms. Here is the link: “53 Ways to Check for Understanding”

8. Redo my foldables to be certain they “work”. I’m so spatially challenged!!!!

Linear Regression

Now for my “Toe Dippers” (stuff I want to just try a little bit with no pressure or stress):

1. Authentic Audiences (perhaps with my AP Stats projects)

2. Error Analysis from Life of Mrs Riley

3. Others as they present themselves.

My goal is to blog about each of these ideas in the coming days and weeks. I hope to explain my thinking and planning for each goal. I am, of course, seeking guidance and feedback. Please keep me accountable!!!! i need your help.

Thanks for reading,